My Integrative Health Tools

As my approach is holistic, I consider the individual as a whole: body, mind, heart, emotion, energy, memory, intellect and soul. I have different tools to support you with your needs and in your quest. My approach goes far beyond the immediate symptoms such as fatigue and discomfort. I aim at identifying and solving the real causes for them to restore balance and well-being in your life.

During your first meeting, we take the time to understand your current situation and your goals. From this information, I am able to offer you an approach that combines the appropriate tools to help you reach your health and happiness goals.

Here are some of the tools I have to support you on your journey.


Yoga can be used as exercise and also for its life transforming teachings. Yoga includes many principles that help to live in the present moment and to accept things and situations as they are. There are nine possible paths to self-actualization in yoga teaching. These are often very helpful in reframing even the most difficult life experiences.


Infoceuticals are a proprietary liquid remedies encoded with bio-information designed to correct imbalances of our Body-Field - the energetic blue-print of our physical body. Infoceuticals correct Body-Field distortions to support the body's functions to help maintain optimal wellness. Most people notice an immediate sense of wellbeing and vitality. They may also stimulate positive shifts in the specific physical and emotional issues you are addressing.


The empathetic practice of body and emotional abandonment helps alleviate addictions, relationship problems, separations, fears, guilt and blockages of all kinds. This pratice is the result of in-depth research in neuroscience and quantum physics performed by Stéphane Drouet.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

As a member of SICPNL, I combine my knowledge of neuroscience and neurolinguistic programming to help you identify and understand the beliefs and patterns that stand in your way. We then work on shifting your internal talk towards something that supports the achievement of your goals. PNL helps us become aware of our blind spots and realign ourselves to better realize ourselves.

Meditation & MBSR

Meditation is very effective for people with a restless mind and a tendency toward rumination, stress and anxiety. Some studies even confirm the beneficial effects in terms of pain reduction, decrease in cortisol and increase in happy hormones. I have 2,500 hours of meditation and master different techniques to help you find the right one for you.

Holistic kinesiology

Holistic kinesiology is a supportive tool that provides access to what is unconscious through muscle resistance testing. I use this approach primarily in my Cosmonergy care to guide me through the application of accuboost. This form of energy medicine has been designed by Jacques Tétreault acupuncturist. It allows us to work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Heart Coherence

Heart Coherence is very effective for people who are dealing with negative emotions, exhaustion, anxiety, and who are looking to regain their zest for life and a sense of well-being. Continuous practice increases energy, resilience and joy. Heart Coherence allows access to the infinite intelligence of the heart and brings a gentle balance between heart, head and soul.

Healty Eating

Food is the foundation of our well-being. As we are what we digest, it is often essential in a holistic approach to pay attention to the quality of our food. Food affects our hormones and neurotransmitters which in turn influence our emotions, thoughts and even the quality of our sleep.

EMF Protection

I am part of the Harmful Waves Protection Center team. More and more people are being diagnosed with hypersensitivity and affected by the harmful waves around us. In our approach, we can make a complete assessment of harmful waves for your home or business and offer solutions to protect you. Being hypersensitive myself, I had to learn to organize my environment to be functional in our technological world.


The body needs a minimum of movement per day. In my approach, I make sure that the right foundations are in place. The important thing is to move enough. For optimum wellness, make sure to have pleasant and regular physical activities to maintain good cardiovascular health and muscle strength.

Energy Medicine

Several energy modalities and therapies exist today. There are more and more studies showing the beneficial effects of them. Some hospitals have even integrated these practices to support their patients’ recovery. On my end, I am certified in Reiki, Cosmonergy, NES Health practitioner, and Bio-Well Practitioner. I am also trained in EFT, and reflexology.

Breathing Technique

There are hundreds of breathing techniques from yoga schools, meditation teaching, and more recently heart variability studies. I am getting the best results with Heart Coherence pratices. However, I regularly use other techniques depending on the needs of the individual or groups I am working with. Alternate nostril breathing and the Power Breath are especially appreciated in corporate setting.


I am a NES Health practitioner. The NES Health system allows us to make a complete analysis of our human body field and provide us with recommendations on simple ways to correct identified distortions. The system also offers additional support ranging from the use of advanced PEMF technology to their patented infoceuticals. This approach is particularly effective for people suffering from chronic fatigue, emotional disorder, and any problem affecting well-being and vitality. Find out here how this technology helped me overcome chronic fatigue and many other small problems.

My journey taught me that even people with impeccable diet and lifestyle habits can face energy issues and other blockages that refrain them for reaching their goal. When all that is concrete, material and visible is not enough, alternative methods can be very beneficial, soothing, comforting, and liberating.

I am looking forward taking care of you and supporting you on your journey!