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Shungite is often called "the stone of life" because of its healing, anti-oxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antitoxic properties. It is a rare and powerful stone whose age is estimated at 2 billion years. It is found only in Russia in the region of Karelia. It is composed of Carbon 60 (Fullerene), from which it draws all its strength. In 1991, Science magazine named the fullerene - molecule of the year. In Russia, Shungite is used in some hospitals where shorter healing times are observed.

Shungite’s greatest strength is its ability to restore our torsion field* provide definition below). According to researcher Vlail Kaznatcheev, rotations to the right favor life while a torsion field to the left is harmful to our cells. Pulsed wave emissions like WIFI and DECT generate a left torsion field. Wearing Shungite or keeping it near our body greatly helps us maintain our energy and protects us from torsion field inversion. Many people suffering for environmental sensitivity have praised the benefits of Shungite.

Shungite is available in different forms:

  • Pyramid
  • Sphere
  • Pendant
  • Shungite Pearl necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Protection plate for cell, tv, video, laptop, tablet
  • Phone base
  • Fullereniser beads
  • Stones for Shungite Water
  • Stones for Shungite Bath
  • Shungite Water Spray
  • Shungite powder
  • Belts
  • Small yoga pad
  • Medium to large yoga pad
  • Support-Plus

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In addition to the various solutions offered today to protect against harmful waves, the first and most effective line of protection remains good electromagnetic hygiene.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic waves:

1. Turn off everything that emits waves at night: router, cell phone, smart TV, tablet, computer, PS4, smart watch, etc. Give your body a much-needed break at night so it can do its repair work rather than constantly protecting itself. It would be difficult to deprive ourselves of our work tools during the day, so it is good practice to close everything at night. It does not deprive us of anything.

2. Configure your cell phone to receive and make calls in wifi mode. This way you will be able to turn off the cellular emission which are much stronger than the wifi ones.

3. Do not use a cordless regular phone. They emit a higher intensity of waves. It is best to use a corded phone or your cell phone in wifi mode with headphones.

4. Distance is our friend. Do not carry your cell phone directly on you when it is not in airplane mode. When you are in the office or at home, put it away from you so you will reduce the volume of radiation.

5. Choose a place to live that is not near cell towers, relay towers and high voltage towers. The best is to use a proper meter to measure the waves’ strength so that you can best manage your exposure. In general, for electric towers, a distance of at least one meter per 1000 volts can be provided. An isolator (disc on the line) is typically 15,000 volts. So, you can calculate 15 meters per insulator. There are other factors that can influence but this is a simple rule of thumb. You can also hire a geologist for a precise evaluation.

6. Use your cell phone hands-free or with headphones so you never put it near your head. The waves are made very strong which is useful for our work but more harmful for our brain and our cells. The best headphones are the AirTubes. It is also a good practice not to keep your cell phone in your hands when making a call. Place it on your desktop. Remember, distance is our friend.

7. Avoid having all your devices on at the same time when you are using only one. If all devices are on, do not surround yourself with your devices. Distance is our best friend.

8. Ideally turn off all sources of waves in the car. If you absolutely must take a call, use only the cellular mode. Turn off the Bluetooth to simply take the call hands-free. Above all, close the wifi because if it is on it will be very active and will try to connect to all the networks it encounters on your route.

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