The PEACE method (Empathic Process of Physical and Emotional Abandonment) is a new approach developed and deployed since 2017 by the famous author and researcher Stéphane Drouet.

The method helps individuals address addictions, relationship problems, bereavements, fears, guilt, and blockages of all kinds.

The PEACE method is the result of Stéphane's eleven years of therapeutic practice, rare andunprecedentedresearch and work on himself and his clients.. The method makes the link between very different approaches and studies, links not yet made by the scientific field. PEACE joins neuroscience, heart coherence and quantum physics, among other things, to offer a technique for liberating memories that causes our suffering, our energy drains and limitations.

I am amongst the first group of people certified in Quebec City in December 2018.

Stephane Drouet, Nancy Bilodeau

The work in PEACE is based on the body and its sensations. It aims at unfreezing the body’s fascia tissue and fluidizing memories in order to leave room for new possibilities. To understand the why of the why is no longer necessary; releasing energy blocked in the body is however essential and at the basis of the method’s healing efficiency.

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