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All for one and one for all!

A team is only as strong as its weakest player.


Our cultures of competition go against this basic principle! Imagine if our cells were in competition rather than in collaboration?! In fact, our cells are always working to give energy where it is most vital, where the body needs it most. Creating this spirit of collaboration, safety and support in your team will energize your players beyond all expectations.

Energy Infusion

I have different tools to energize your team. There are two main axes of infusion.

The first axis consists in guiding team members to manage their energy. The second axe aims at reducing energy drains caused by team dysfunctions.

In terms of team dysfunctions, I like taking the time to understand your challenges to target the best approach. The biggest energy drains I encounter are : excessive competition, working in silos, interpersonal conflicts, workloads, unattainable goals, varying levels of commitment to priorities, exhaustion due constant change, favoritism, discrimination and tolerance of inappropriate behavior.

Impactful Training

Inspiring Conferences

  • Sleep; my superpower
  • The biochemistry of happiness
  • Ancient wisdom and modern science
  • Neuroscience and artificial intelligence
  • Unplug & detox (digital detox)
  • Activate your heart's intelligence

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Get your own Retreat

Retreats are by far the fastest way to have a positive impact on your people and your team. The event, lasting at least two days, creates the ideal conditions to generate instant transformations through the experiential nature of learning. Salesforce is one of the first companies to roll out a Signature Retreat for all its employees.

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Individual and team coaching

  • Coherente Team
  • Priority Management
  • Energy Management
  • Anxiety Management
  • Executive Coaching

Where to start?

It all depends on your goals. The best is to take the time to talk about your needs, your budget, your deadlines, and team members’ availability to identify the best way to achieve your goal.

  • Show your appreciation
  • Improve workspace spirit
  • Decrease turnover
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Resolve conflict
  • Inspire and mobilize
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Have a good time
  • Connect
  • And +


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