My coaching approach is holistic, it aims to look at all the dimensions of a person, a team or a business to help find balance, harmony, optimal well-being and achieve their goals.

We are much more than our physical body. A perfectly healthy physical body does not guarantee a well-balanced and happy person. Just as a sick physical body can be inhabited by a fully realized and happy person!

When looking for well being, here are the key dimensions to explore:

  • Physical body health
  • Emotional harmony
  • Energy flow
  • Intellect fluidity
  • Soul radiance
  • Limiting memories release
  • Mind hyperactivity
  • Breathing quality
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Environment quality

My approach is very effective for people who:

  • are exhausted
  • lack joy of living
  • no longer have energy and do not know what to do to find it
  • suffer from depression, anxiety, isolation and uncontrolled fears
  • want to realize a dream or project but can not seem to find their way
  • want to learn how to better manage their stress
  • suffer from chronic pain or inflammation and wish to explore alternative methods
  • wish to take control of their health but are lost with all the available approaches
  • want to lose weight but can not do it despite several diets and multiple trials
  • are struggling with addictions and destructive behaviors
  • have difficult relationships with others and / or their significant other

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Nancy gives us a concentrated dose of her extensive knowledge and credentials; her experience in business makes her an incomparable ally! I had the chance to benefit from her skills with heart coherence coaching and following her Detox Transformation Program. As for the Detox program, I signed up out of curiosity, without particular expectations just because I trust her. The month-long program produced spectacular results: elimination of bad habits, change in diet, weight loss, reduced stress, better sleep, better being and greater clarity of mind! On every occasion, Nancy shares with abundant generosity her experiences, her advice, her best referral and even her favorite recipes! I thank her for the positive impact she has had in my life.

Patrick Schwarz , Syntell

An appointment with Nancy is the time to find oneself and to finally find solutions that are easy to integrate into our lives and make a real difference! Nancy has the listening and the intuition we need to feel confident and well guided :) She has tons of knowledge and she knows what she's talking about. Thank you for everything Nancy, I highly recommend an appointment with her, professional services!

Melissa Dube

Nancy is committed to the well-being and personal growth of the people she meets. I followed the heart coherence coaching with her. I have learned many techniques that allow me to face the daily challenges of life. She is a very good listener, thus linking the techniques taught to real situations in my life. I practice regularly now and my ability to handle difficult situations is much improved.

Lucie Fradette

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