My Values

The work I do requires significant trust. I have fundamental ethics and values that govern my actions. They are essential elements of our collaboration success.

Through my site, you have surely already discovered the essence of my values. These are at the heart of what I do and the message I want to spread. Beyond health and happiness, below are the other important values that will be present in all our interactions.


We live in a world of diversity. In this wide range of perceptions, ideas, information, and possibilities, I believe it is essential to welcome others with the desire to understand without judging and categorizing, knowing that we can always learn from them. When points of view diverge, it is important to maintain the integrity of everyone involved. We all have our own experiences that have shaped the way we see things. Even if our ideas or our origins differed, we all share this beautiful experience together. Let's be gentle and open.


To have power, you must take responsibility. At the team level, it is essential to clarify roles and responsibilities to enable everyone to succeed. In individual coaching, I help people to rise above the victim mentality and focus on what is in their power to improve their situation.


I am often credited for my attentive listening. It is only when you take the time to listen with the intention to understand that you can find the best course of actions and words in each situation. Today's problems are often too complex to solve alone. Listening carefully to the people concerned will make it possible to integrate several perspectives and collaborate to create the tomorrow’s solutions.


Behind all my actions lies the intention that all beings be free and happy, that our thoughts and actions contribute to this freedom and happiness for all. I aim for the best for all while considering all stakeholders to find the right balance. In individual coaching, I welcome everyone without judgment with the desire to contribute positively on their journey.


This value closely follows respect. When respect is present, it is possible to have harmonious working relationships. In the fast-paced, urgent business world, it's easy to lose that harmony. I make sure that we have the time necessary to accomplish the deliverables and objectives of a mandate so as not to let stress pollute the working atmosphere. I like to use humor to diffuse stress when it is unavoidable. It is much easier to face challenges and find good solutions when you are in a harmonious environment.


The higher a person's level of consciousness, the more that person has a holistic perspective of themselves, others, the community, and all of society. Similarly, each company has its own collective consciousness. Contributing to raising everyone's consciousness contributes to elevating a company for what is best for all. A conscious company makes sure to contribute more than it takes. It is aligned with the needs that drive our society forward with the greatest respect for everyone and our environment.


Lack of coherence makes our world sick! Dr. Korotkov's research demonstrates that disease takes hold in the body when a lack of coherence takes place. The same is true for our businesses. Companies that have a clear vision, clear values, and keep their word provide flourishing places for their employees and their financial statements, while those that lack consistency are more dysfunctional. Company politics can create this lack of consistency. In my mandates, I aim to reduce the friction that undermines coherence.


The most successful organizations are working together. However, our society highly values competition and undermine teamwork. Our performance evaluation models often reflect this. I find it much more beneficial to foster collaboration and team work to co-create a successful way forward. Everyone has something to contribute and value to add. By working alone, we go faster, but by working together we go further.


As the lack of balance led me to illness, this value is primordial to me. I make sure that my clients' goals are achievable and that we can reach them within an acceptable timeframe that will not cause unnecessary stress as we are working together towards health and well-being. I propose approaches adapted to the pace and capacities of all stakeholders.