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Born in Quebec in 1972, I had quit a ride! I have a Bachelor's degree from the University of Sherbrooke and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management where I graduated summa cum laude. I lived 12 years in the United States and I worked in several industries, for large, medium and small organizations. This is my second business, and I traveled the world, mainly for work and also for the pure pleasure of discovering new cultures and different ways of approaching life and health.

I am first and foremost a passionate and accomplished leader with over 25 years of experience in organizational transformation, process improvement and project, program and portfolio management. I am dynamic, visionary and people-oriented. I have the ability to manage complex situations and develop high performing teams that deliver lasting results. During my time in the United States, I gave numerous conferences on project management, change management and process modeling. I love teamwork! My team and I won the PMI's Chicago Project of the Year honor in 2012.

I was then a project manager at Sears Holdings Corporation. Unfortunately, I had to leave this job and return to live with my parents at 40, due to serious health problems that launched me into a whole new adventure; that of regaining my health and understanding how to take care of myself to stay healthy!

My research had really begun in 2007, when stress kept me wide awake. I had then discovered yoga, meditation and various breathing techniques. It was only after a detox program with raw foods diet with Karyn Calabrese that I regained most of my energy. So much so that I launched into entrepreneurship to open the Om Prana Holistic Center in Quebec, driven by the desire to share all my discoveries with as many people as possible. The Center offered a small healthy food bistro, a yoga and meditation studio and a mostly organic grocery and supplements area.

During this magnificent three-year experience, I had the pleasure of meeting the main players in integrative health in Quebec. I also took the opportunity to get many certifications and training. I am a certified coach from the Hippocrates Wellness, Heart Math, SICPNL and NES Health. I also have many trainings from The Art of Living, Deepak Chopra, Sanoviv Medical Institute, Mindful Leader and Bio-Well.

In addition, I have had the great pleasure of serving many health-conscious artists including Def Leppard’s guitarist and the Rolling Stones’ drummer! I even gave yoga classes to members of the Boogie Wonder Band! It was absolutely amazing! However, not knowing how to pace myself, I had to sell after 3 years, because the health problems had resurfaced. At that point, I was eating a perfect diet and practicing yoga and meditation daily. I had no choice but to realize that the problem was coming from me and not my work environment!

Thanks to all these experiences, I now understand that health is a personal responsibility and a question of balance. There is no miracle solution, and it is essential to take care of yourself on several levels. We are energy and matter, and each dimension has its own needs. It is up to us to take full responsibility and find our path to desired optimal health.

Today, I am in good health, I live a well-balanced life and I prioritize energy management over time management. I dedicate my working hours to guiding and inspiring people to take care of themselves so that they can offer the best of themselves, live a meaningful, fulling and joyful life meeting their wildest dream while creating a a better, more vibrant world.

I have a unique blend of business, entrepreneurial and integrative health skills. I combine science and wisdom to the elevation of the companies and people I serve.


Inspire people and businesses to be healthier and happier to reach their full potential.


A healthy and happy world!

I dream of transforming the workplace so that it becomes a catalyst in accelerating the improvement of health and happiness for all.

When I see that more than 50% of people don't like their jobs, that a large number of people need antidepressants, that the mortality rate linked to illnesses caused by our environment (what we eat, the pollution, stress) is over 80%, I think it's time to create a healthier working environment! An environment where management leads by example with what is good for their personal health, their employees, the environment and where management is human centric focus on the success of everyone, the team, the company and even the community.

Achieve optimal well-being and offer your best self to the world

Create a work environment where everyone can achieve their full potential

From nearly dead to health and wellness guide

To learn more about my health issues and recovery, read my very first blog with Les Affaires. The blog is in French but you can use google translation. It is worth the extra step!

Could my health be my worst enemy?

Passion for vitality!

Because living happy and healthy tastes so good!

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