Here is the list of my next retreats open to everyone.

I also offer tailormade retreats for your business, family or group of friends.Click here for more information on my corporate pensions or contact me for yourPrivate needs.

Upcoming Retreats

Doux silence d'un jour

"Prendre soin des corps et des âmes", telle est la mission des Augustines. Offrez-vous une journée de retraite en silence au Monastère, au cœur du Vieux-Québec, pour apprivoiser la force des traditions yogiques, du silence, de la cohérence et de l’intériorité. Démarrer 2023 en douceur et en force à la fois. Notre plus grande source de bien-être réside dans le pouvoir des forces naturelles à l’intérieur de nous – Hippocrates

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Syntoniser son couple; vibrer plus fort

Venez vivre une expérience enrichissante et transformatrice pour votre couple dans le décor enchanteur du Spa Eastman. C’est une retraite pour vous déposer et vous faire du bien, à deux. Offert du 28 avril au 1er mai 2023. Réservez tôt pour assurer votre place.

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Élever sa force vitale pour mieux vivre!

Venez découvrir comment connecter, réveiller, élever et maîtriser votre énergie. Dans cette retraite de 5 jours nous explorerons les sources d’énergies et comment les alimenter de façon à pouvoir manifester la meilleure version de vous-même, vivre heureux et en santé. Offerte au Spa Eastman du 29 février au 3 mars 2024.

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Other training available

Déconnecter pour mieux Reconnecter

Prendre soin de soi est la meilleure façon d’offrir le meilleur de soi. Offrez-vous une fin de semaine en silence au Monastère, au cœur du Vieux-Québec, pour vous déposer, vous reposer, réduire l’agitation mentale, et reconnecter. Nouvelles dates à venir. C’est dans le silence qu’on entend les plus grandes vérités! Dalai Lama

Programme Maître de Mon Mieux-Être

Programme disponible en ligne en tout temps.


Thank you for guiding us on a journey of introspection. Through your work, you have given us a scientific framework in which to meditate and get in touch with ourselves. This experience was extremely rebalancing. We came away with a totally different perspective. Thanks!

Pierre Gauthier

Thank you for the wonderful weekend and all the information you shared with us. I keep lots of beautiful discoveries in my body, heart and soul. I feel a kind and caring energy since I return. Thanks! I am looking forward seeing you again.

Mylène Girard

I loved my silent retreat experience at Le Monastère des Augustines with Nancy Bilodeau. Gently, I took the time to take care of myself, to stop and observe myself with curiosity for a weekend. I came away rested and energized. Thank you, I am filled with gratitude.


Silence is a powerful tool. A precious moment of interiority to offer oneself, sheltered from the agitation and external stimulations which cut us off from ourselves. Nancy guides us with authenticity and gently to reconnect. I came out aligned, soothed, and centered. I warmly recommend a silence retreat with Nancy to anyone who wants to give their body and mind a space to recalibrate. Namaste! Photo credit: Erick Labbé

Marie-Joelle Cote

Nancy allows us to live a transformative experience. In a short time, you can feel the benefits of the techniques taught, which facilitates their adoption when you return home. Her knowledge is broad and she gently awakens us to the fundamental need to take care of ourselves and how to do it.

Manon V.

It was my first retreat experience and certainly not the last one. These 5 days allowed me to reconnect with myself and discover a holistic approach to wellbeing including great foods. Nancy is an amazing trainer who knows how to easily transfer her knowledge. The tools she passed on to us could also be beneficial for my loved ones. Thank you, Nancy, for so much generosity.

Julie Tremblay

What a wonderful retreat in an exquisite location! Everything was perfect, I enjoyed every minute. Thank you Nancy for these rich learnings which are and will be more than beneficial in the short and long term. Your knowledge, your personal experiences and your expertise make you a credible and relevant coach, not to mention your sweet personality that makes the whole thing very enjoyable!

Jany B.

The retreat with Nancy allowed me to relax, to recharge my battery in depth and to learn techniques to better cope with daily stress. The discussions and exercises were very rich and where very beneficial for my body and my mind.

Carine T.

I highly recommend Nancy’s Health and Wellness Retreats to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. It's never too late to take care of ourself. Thank you Nancy for welcoming us with so much openness and attention.


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