My Health and Wellness Skills

I founded Om Prana Holistic Center in 2013. Located on St-Joseph Street in the heart of the St-Roch neighborhood in Quebec City, the Center offered a vegan and raw food restaurant, a yoga and meditation studio, a health grocery store and several cooking, health support and personal development workshops.

During my three years tenure, I taught many yoga classes and offered detox programs to more than 200 people. Testimonials abound of people who have regained their energy and zest for life, reduced their body pain and increased their clarity of mind. I was also able to deepen my knowledge in integrative health by completing my certification as a health coach with Hippocrates Wellness, a nutrition certificate with Sanoviv Medical Institute, and I also completed my Reiki initiation training, while continuing to expand my knowledge of yoga, meditation and breath work with The Art of Living, Deepak Chopra and Kripalu.

In 2016, working too many hours, I decided to move away from the restaurant industry and return to the business world to apply all my individual skills in the workplace. The experience was most rewarding. The well-being of individuals was quickly reflected in the performance of the teams. Over time, it became clear to me that I wanted to focus on health and wellness with companies.

So, I started Nancy Bilodeau Inc. at the end of 2019, with the dream of creating stimulating work environments that promote health and well-being. Many workplaces are currently toxic, either through their culture of extreme performance or through the dysfunctions of their teams and or processes.

I feel that this was my destiny! My whole journey was building me toward this. Since then, I have continued to expand my skills in integrative health adding things such as Bioenergy and Neuroscience while remaining on top of human resources management and business transformation innovation.

Energy, mindset and neuroscience fascinate me. I am proud to be certified from the SICPNL, NES Health and Bio-Well, and to have completed my MBSR training with Mindful Leader.

"I believe that it is by helping others to nurture their joy for life, by freeing them from suffering and by reconnecting to their essence, that we contribute to the overall well-being of all. We are all here to fully realize ourselves and be happy. Blockages and imbalances are only guides to help us find our way and realize our full potential."

Namaste !

Integrative health training summary

  • Neurosciences for Business, MIT Management, 2022
  • Bio-Well Certified Practitioner, 2022
  • NES Health Certified Practitioner, 2021
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), 2021
  • Certified Coach with SICPNL (NLP) since 2020
  • Heart Math Coach, Heart Math Institute, 2019
  • Nutrition Advisor, Sanoviv Medical Institute, 2016
  • Health Coach, Hippocrates Health Institute, 2015
  • PEACE, 2018
  • Cosmoénergy, 2019
  • Reiki 1 and 2, 2013, 2014
  • Perfect Health, Deepak Chopra, 2017
  • Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, Art of Living, 2008
  • Sri Sri Yoga Teacher, 2010
  • Art of Living YES and YES+ Teacher Training, 2011, 2012
  • Primordial Son Meditation, Deepak Chopra, 2016
  • Mindfulness Meditation, Kripalu, 2016
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My Why

When I was sick and no one could help me, not even the best specialists in Chicago, I was is so much distress. I know what it is to be sick and without energy. I know what it's like to have to give up on your dreams. I also know that when we regain our full power, it is possible to improve our health and well-being to levels that make all the difference to our joy for life and what we can be in the world. I want to help as many people as possible to take into consideration that physical and mental health problems are often associated with our lifestyle and not the result of bad karma. Most of us have the power to reach an optimal level of health when we are ready to do the work. We are the creators of our experience!

For Whom?

I'm here for anyone who wants to learn how to take care of themselves to offer the best of themselves. I'm here for anyone who dreams of a better world and understands that it starts with them. I feel particularly attracted towards businesspeople, as that's where I come from! My first passion. I have the dream that by helping one person, this one will be able to influence several others and thus have a positive ripple effect towards health and happiness for all.


I love to read and learn. I am always on on the lookout for new discoveries and constantly adapt my practice to better serve you.


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