Reinventing management

Our old management models are no longer adapted to our effervescent and unpredictable world. More than ever, we need to equip our staff to better face the changes and challenges of life, starting with our managers. The world of tomorrow is in full creation. Companies with cultures based on human values ​​will be able to adapt better and will succeed in contributing positively to a better world.

A changing world

Our current world is in transition. Values ​​change profoundly. The needs of people and the earth demand our attention. We continue to push to move forward but the discomfort is more and more noticeable.

On a mission toward a more humane, adaptive, and fun work environment

I help companies achieve their goals by establishing a vibrant work environment where everyone takes care of their health and mindful attitude, to bring the best of themselves and contribute to the success of the organization. company. I intervene through the development of wellness program, the development of a dynamic and responsible culture, teams training and support as well as through project management, process improvement, change management and performance management. As I strongly believe that the health of companies is correlated with that of their contributors, I also support individuals in achieving optimal well-being in order to be happy, healthy and fully fulfilled.

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Health & Happiness are powerful performance drivers

A global approach

My approach is holistic, global. It aims to look at the different dimensions of the business to find the best approach to meet your goal and optimize your performance.

A company's performance is the perfect reflection of the alignment of its management methods and its' people. A company whose management team is not healthy, both in terms of teamwork, business practices and the health of its individuals will be impacted by these weaknesses. Research are abundant in demonstrating the benefit of employee well-being at work.

In all my assignment, I combine my 25 years of business experience and my 10 years in the holistic health field to help you meet your objectives.

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I sincerely thank Nancy on behalf of our entire team for her knowledge of our human nature that she provided during the Feel Good Hour of the week crafted just for us, over a 10 week period. Her weekly sessions have really helped us increase our individual and team coherence.

Pierre Gauthier , HitLab

Nancy is a dynamic, positive thinking and motivational leader that will inspire any cross functional team to excel. She has a comprehensive understanding of project and portfolio management. Nancy also is a visionary that can move an organization to the next level. She excels at development of team members through her great grasp of emotional intelligence.

John Kasinecz , Kerry

Nancy is an inspiring, creative and responsible leader. She makes sure to achieve objectives while respecting people and financial resources. Nancy also takes care to maintain high standard while maintaining a pleasant working environment. She applies new innovative approaches combine with traditional ones for the greater success of her projects. Nancy certainly makes a difference to achieve results that will last a long time in the organization.

André Amyot , Kerry

I have called on Nancy for several years to support managers and employees in jobs I have held at Camso in the United States and at Kerry. Nancy has an approach that is both analytical and at the same time very people oriented. She knows how to deal with many subjects, whether operational issues, team cohesion issues or employee well-being. I recommend Nancy because it is easy to work with her. She has a great level of adaptability and is very attentive to her customers’ needs.

Alexandre Fausse , Camso, Kerry

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