Life is mysterious and the knowledge of the forces of the universe is in perpetual motion. COSMONERGY's care re-establishes connections, flow and circuits at the level of the matter, energy and information, giving us access to our full potential.

The universe is made up of multiple levels of consciousness, energy and matter. Ninety five percent of our functions, thoughts, emotions and structures are managed by the unconscious parts of our being. The application of Shungite Excellium on specific points of our body brings back our connection to the universal life forces.

The COSMONERGY method was developed by Jacques Tétreault, acupuncturist, osteopath and massage therapist, in 2018. Jacques has many years of experience that have allowed him to develop an understanding of the human body and the energy, which are at the basis of the COSMONERGY technique.

I was part of the first group of people trained in Quebec City in February 2019.

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