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A company's performance is equal to its employees' performance multiplied by their synergy

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Guide people and businesses to be healthier and happier to reach their goals.

Coaching and holistic consulting for companies and individuals

I help companies achieve their goals, manage projects, improve processes, reduce conflict and build a healthy workplace based on sustainable human values. I also help individuals achieve optimal wellness and fulfill themselves.

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Health & Happiness are powerful performance drivers

What is Holistic Coaching?

Holistic relates to Holism. It is the theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts.

My approach is holistic. It aims to look at the different dimensions of the business to find the best approach to meet your goal and optimise your performance.

A company's performance is the perfect reflection of the alignment of its management methods and its' people. A company whose management team is not healthy, both in terms of teamwork, business practices and the health of its individuals will be impacted by these weaknesses. Research are abundant in demonstrating the benefit of employee well-being at work.

In all my assignment, I combine my 25 years of business experience and my 12 years in the holistic health field to help you meet your objectives.

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Meetings can be in person or via video conference using your preferred platform: Zoom, Team, Skype, Messenger, others.

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