Lunch & Learn

Investing in employees’ knowledge is one of the most powerful lever for a company's performance. The healthier your employees are and the proper role fit, the more your employees will be able to contribute to the success of your company. I have several Lunch & Learn ready and we can customize them to your needs.

You can also request my latest Covid-19 Office Wellness Rescue Package for an example of what we can offer or contact me to request a more detailed version of additional training courses available.

Reduce stress with your breath

Stay calm in all circumstances and be more effective through better stress management.

Hearth Coherence

Coherence helps make better decisions, improve productivity, communications and teamwork.

Thrive on Juice

Properties of fruit and vegetable juices. Equipment, recipes and ingredients to prioritize.

Smoothies and Superfoods

Smoothies are a delicious way to consume our daily dose of fruits and vegetables. Learn basic recipes, ingredients, tricks and superfoods' power.

Boost creativity with meditation

Learn the benefits of meditation according to the latest studies. Discovery different kinds of meditation and practice a little before to get back in action.

Power Ranger Lunch Box

Plan a health week at work. Tips and tricks for fast meals, full of vitamins and nutrients that will boost your energy, keep you alert, engage and bright.

Eat to perform

Understand the digestive system and the different food categories. Their impact on us and how to maximize the intake of the super fuel foods.

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