About me

Entrepreneur and highly effective team leader with 25+ years of experience in Organizational Transformation, Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Management (BPM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other System Implementation, across industries. Dynamic, visionary, thought leader with proven ability to deal with complex situations, build high performance team, drive execution and deliver lasting results.

Born in Quebec, with a Bachelor in Business Administration of l’Université de Sherbrooke and an MBA of Keller Graduate School of Management, I leaved 12 years in the United States and worked across multiple industries for small, medium and large enterprises.

Back in Quebec in 2013, I changed direction to focus on health. After several years in the corporate environment I developed a good understanding of stress, stress management and the damage stress can cause if not addressed properly. From energy drain, difficulty to sleep, skin reaction, and all kind of health issues if people do not have tools or means to deal with stress.To find out more about my health recovery journey you can read my Bio under the Individual Services section of this site.

After founding, managing and selling my own business, I returned to the corporate world, this time, integrating my learning of global health, nutrition, heart coherence, yoga and meditation into my work. Passionate about business results and the well being of people at work, I plan to bring a unique service offering, a holistic approach, in finding the rightbalance towards optimal business performance.My approach combines my 25 years of business experience and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained in the world of wellness since 2007.

When I see that more than 50% of people do not like their work, that an increasing number of people are on antidepressants, that the mortality rate from diseases caused by our environment (what we eat, pollution, stress) is over 80%, I am telling myself that it is urgent that we create a healthier work environment! An environment where Executives and Management set the example of what is good for their health, their employees’ health, the environment; and where decisions are made to support each individual’s contribution to the greater good of the enterprise.

You can find more information on my business background by consulting my LinkedIn profile

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Primary training:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Sherbrooke
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Keller Graduate School of Management

Additional business training:

  • CBPP, Association of Business Process Management Professional, February 2010
  • PMP, Project Management Institute, May 2006
  • MAPAC, Health and safety training for restaurant, Mai 2013
  • HED, Health Educator, Hippocrates Health Institute, May 2015
  • Nutrition Advisor, Sanoviv Medical Institute, February 2016
  • Communication, Design Institute, Chicago
  • Portfolio Management, Chicago University
  • High performing team, OfficeMax University
  • Value Added, Notre-Dame University
  • Project Management and personal skills, Cadence
  • Process Improvement, Rummler-Brache
  • Change Management, Prosci
  • Transition Management, William Bridges
  • 1st time superviseur, AMA training
  • Franklin Covey, FOCUS and 7 Habits
  • Program Management Mastery, Harvard (HBS)

Visit my biography for individual coaching to learn more about my training in the holistic health field.

Clients & Employers

I had the pleasure and privilege to work with great companies:

  • SAAQ, Canada
  • Royal Trust, Canada
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, Canada
  • Téléglobe, Canada
  • CP Rail, Canada
  • Abbott, Canada
  • A&G Consulting, Canada
  • Canadian Coast Guard, Canada
  • Kerry, US & Canada
  • Sears Holdings Corporation, US
  • OfficeMax, US
  • SAIC, US
  • Openwave System Inc., US
  • USinternetworking, US
  • British Petroleum, US


I gave multiple conferences while in the US and travel abroad as I was recognized for my Business Process Management and Change Management expertise :

  • Ancient Wisdom in BPM – Yoga thinking applied to BPM: ABPMP, October 2012
  • PMI Spring Leadership Breakfast: Fine-tuning the partnership: PMI, July 2012
  • The BA: A Powerful Change Agent: IIBA, Chicago, March 2012.
  • Driving Large-scale Change throughout the Organization: Retail Forum for Process Excellence, Minneapolis, March 2011.
  • Process Governance and Ownership: Brainstorm BPM conference, Chicago, April 2009.
  • BPM at OMX: Casewise User Group, Chicago, May 2008.
  • The marriage of Process and Data Governance: Brainstorm BPM conference, Chicago, 2006
  • Your Project is done: Now What?: Brainstorm BPM conference, San Francisco, June 2005.
  • Transforming Openwave culture to become a process-focused enterprise: Casewise Optimize, London, September 2004.
  • The user adoption challenge: Brainstorm BPM conference, Chicago, April 2004 and ABPMP.org, Chicago, May 2004.
  • Management buy-in and user adoption: Brainstorm BPM conference, San Francisco, June 2004.
  • Organizational Change Management: Brainstorm Conference, Chicago 2011 and 2012

Published Papers

I was very active while in the US in the BMP and PMP communities :

  • Process Ownership and Governance; paradigm shift, BPM Institute, avril 2009
  • Déjà Vu ! From Project to Process Portfolio Management, BPM Institute, novembre 2008
  • The Marriage of Process and Data Governance: Key to BPM and SOA Initiatives’ Success, BPM Institute, janvier 2007

Achievement Highlights

Here is a sample of my achievements:

  • Creation, management and sale of OM Prana Holistic Center in three years. The company has demonstrated impressive growth in deploying the first vegan - raw food restaurant in Quebec City with a positive Income Statement the first year.
  • management of several major projects, the last of which brought an $18M investment in the region and the creation of several jobs through the installation of a new aseptic liquid production line.
  • Chance to be part of the .COM wave in the US with jobs at USinternetworking, instigator of the application hosting model, and at Openwave, pioneer in cell phone operating system for internet connectivity.
  • Collaboration with process management leaders such as Andrew Spanyi and Brett Champlain for the launch of the ABPMP organization and the writing of the first published body of knowledge book.
  • The development of a change management course for the BPM Institute under the management of Gregg Rock as well as participation in several of the annual conferences to teach or as a speaker.
  • Managed a PPM migration impacting 5,000 users on time, in scope within a budget of $3.4M. Received PMI Distinguished Project of the Year Award in March 2012
  • Standardized key initiatives reporting across 32 business units providing oversight to $1B in BOP commitment.
  • Developed and rolled out a corporate program management office (PMO) for process improvement initiatives in less than one month. Led program office including 6 direct reports, 100+ indirect reports and reported to Executive Officers.
  • Built a BPM team that generated $4M in additional revenue and 1M of cost avoidance during the 1st year.
  • Re-aligned and led CRM initiatives resulting in a $6M + savings.
  • Introduced innovative ways to perform CRM engagements resulting in 60% profitability increase, customer satisfaction improvement and up-sell. Promoted to establish Siebel Professional Services Practice.
  • Led process reengineering to help a utility company move from a product-centric culture to a customer-centric culture to protect market base in preparation for deregulation.
  • Managed implementation of new processes and Siebel CRM application for a pharmaceutical firm that resulted in a 5% increased market penetration of some of their products.
  • Implemented strategic vision by reviewing the product offerings and defining suitable business processes that supported a growth of 100% in a year, shifted the revenue structure, and increased net income.
  • Received an award from Royal Trust – Global Custody Group for developing and implementing a new system that automated 80% of the production of their financial statements and increased productivity by a factor of five.